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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Looking for Girls & Boys Swimsuits and Flip Flops for your Holiday Vacation?

If you are planning a vacation to somewhere exotic this holiday. Don't' forget about stocking up on little girls and boys swimwear. Since Fall and Winter our upon us, the stores at the mall aren't selling swimsuits, sandals or flip flops. For my little ones I went to my favorite designer clothing boutique,! You will find swimwear brands such
as Kate Mack swimsuits, Big Fish by Sweet Potatoes swimsuits, Dogwood swim trunks and more for your baby girl and baby boy sizes 0-6x. See the warm weather designer clothing and Flip Flops that are also on sale right now. I went ahead and stocked up for next spring and summer! As always, Free shipping with orders over $50!