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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cool Kids clothes for Fall!

How many times have you gone to the mall looking for something different and, everything looks the same? Without having the right kind of buyers for stores can be a real problem. If you have the same person with the same taste buying each year for a particular store, you will more than likely see the same sort of clothing time and time again!
With this said, I am looking more and more at designer clothing for woman, men and designer baby clothes on-line for my family. These speciality stores give you items to choose from that are usually hand picked with attention to style color and quality.

I have a few children to buy for and, I want them to have childrens clothes that reflects their own personality! I usually buy what is new for the season but, watch for particular mix and match pieces that can be integrated into the rest of their existing wardrobe.
A few of the designer that I have bought over and over would be Flowers by Zoe, Roxy and, Quiksilver. They stay true to quality of the garment and, always have new and interesting pieces that add flair to my kid's clothing style.
Don't you think that the way your children dresses says something about who bought them the clothing they wear? I would have to agree with this. I like to buy cool kids clothes for my kids to make them look great! Because, when they look good, they feel good about themselves, and, that makes me a happy mom!

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